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Beyond the Mortal Gate


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Defiance 06:43
Sodomy and sacrilege, Heresy and hate. Bathe in sin and drink the blood Of vanquished faith. Unfettered by morals, Unhindered by shame. Winds of atrocity Will herald my name. Life lived in defiance, Love illuminated by flame. War, war of the spirit. The winds shall remember my name. Debauchery as statement of total war. Unfettered by morals, unhindered by shame. The heavens will crumble And the masters will kneel, As I spit on the angels Who beg at my feet.
Sixty Three 05:51
Twin mirrored spheres Converge at one point, And the barrier between worlds is broken. A path of light bridges the threshold, And the madman passes through. Sixty three, sixty three Beyond the gate, into eternity. Sixty three, sixty three Set me free. Fire born, and destined to flame. Life lived, eternally burning. Threaded, woven, cut In an immortal instant, Ever expanding. A path of light bridges the threshold Between worlds. Madman of his own creation Passes between dimensions. Beyond time. Into Eternity.
Banners of groundless pride Hang from crumbling walls. Fortresses of ignorance Guard the traditions of frightened men. The feeble minded squabble And the blind remain lost, While the fools deemed masters Kneel before hollow gods. With my spirit as a cudgel, And knowledge as a spear I hold no hope for liberation, And seek no refuge for the righteous. No future for the free. Only retribution.
Tempered by flame, Shrouded in night. Eternal, unyielding. Cut from the flesh of eternity, A rib torn from the flank of time. Stolen moments of will, desire, intention Manifest immortality. Boundless spell of realization. Scorched worlds reduced to ash. Ash mixed with blood. Clay molded into a throne. A throne from which I rule. Cut from the flesh of eternity, A rib torn from the flank of time. Become the destroyer, and in turn the creator. Extinguish the light and stop all time. To give birth to the infinite Through the boundless spell of realization.
Rabid and wild, Impure and depraved. Spitting and gnashing, clawing and tearing Casting off the chains Wolf-eyed and feverish With an unflinching stare A vision beyond limits, unbound and free Guided by blood red will. A wellspring of blood from hardened earth. Life, though cruel, affirmed in death. A transcendent death that carries me Across the churning seas of confusion Along the burning winds of inspiration Through the shattered mirrors of Ego and doubt, Blindness and unwillingness, To the realm of the infinite. Beyond the mortal gate.


"The heavens will crumble and the masters will kneel,
As I spit on the angels who beg at my feet."

Vilkacis returns with "Beyond the Mortal Gate", nearly 4 years after the project’s debut, "The Fever of War". Vilkacis plays elemental black metal wrought with atavistic fury and feverish emotion; bitter and primal, but marked by a razor-edged melodicism and guided by a sense of violent romance.

With recording beginning immediately after the debut release, "Beyond the Mortal Gate" continues in it’s predecessor’s bold and single minded footsteps. Drawing upon the same wolfish intensity and unyielding force as the debut, coupled with an increased dynamism in the songwriting, Vilkacis remains dedicated to the same vision that has informed it since its creation; raw, passionate performances tracked to analog tape, accompanied by primitive scrawled lycanthropic art rendered by the artist himself. Discussion of “innovation” and “evolution” miss the point of Vilkacis. This is black metal as spiritual war.


released April 6, 2018

Music, words, and art by M. Rekevics.


all rights reserved



VILKACIS Brooklyn, New York

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